8th December: a wish on fire

This weekend, exactly on 8th December, Italy was celebrating “La festa della Madonna Immacolata” or “The feast of the Immaculate Conception”.

8th December was one of my favourite day of the year, when I was living back home in Italy. All my friends and I used to gather in the main square and a big fire was lit. We had to write a letter with our wish or prayer and then throw it in the flame, for it to  be burnt and its ashes to be spread in the air, so they could fly high up all the way to Jesus who could make our wish or prayer become true. Roasted chestnuts and hot drinks were also a great part of the day..

It must be 10 years or even more since I haven’t attended the celebration and just the other day I was wondering what I would write today in that letter.

To my surprise I did not have huge wishes or impossible prayers: instead, I spontaneously wished for the small joys, like enjoying moments with a few but good friends I have, and enjoying time with my family, when they come over here. No big ambitions. It is funny how life perspective changes over the years.

I used to wish for the world and was not even sure what exactly I was wishing for, but with the years and being far from the life I had been used to for 20 years, you understand how every person and the small gestures mean so much to each one of us.

I was very ambitious and almost believed that you could get anything by just wishing for it.. oh dear, how wrong I was. Today I wish for love, support and the strength I need to reach those ambitions, by working hard.

Appreciate what you have got and believe that you have got what it takes to be where you want to be. It’s not all just a wish! But if a letter thrown into the fire on 8th December will help lifting your spirits up, go ahead! After all, anyone needs a prayer.

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