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The Work Harder YouTuber: CASEY NEISTAT

Have you ever known yourself not liking somebody

and then ending up falling in love with them?




Easier said then done, perhaps one of the reasons why admiration wasn’t the first reaction to Casey Neistat’s work.

I thought of him as a rich guy whose poker face (his sunglasses did not help deciphering his emotions) was a sign of superiority and arrogance. I could not be more mistaken!

Something told me to keep watching his videos, his way of being was somehow intriguing, this (apparently not so friendly) guy kept sharing his daily life, work, travel and I could not understand why.

Thanks to him, I got to know the world of YouTube, Vlogging and the power of Social Media; in my eyes CASEY NEISTAT IS THE VLOGGER and A LOT MORE!

What has a YouTuber got to do with Amazing Human Beings?

Amazing were the people you’d read about in history books, Nobel prize winners, scientists, poets… not people uploading videos on YouTube!

But the ever evolving world of Internet is changing (thanks God for that!) our perception of who is worthy of ourĀ admiration.

Casey Neistat is not just a toy soldier in the army of internet users, he is not the passive product of the digital era. I see him as one of the active people behind the change.


The guy turned his life upside down: a school dropout, a kitchen porter, a father at 17 years old living on benefits in a caravan, a teenager smoking weed in his backyard. He definitely was not admired by others and anything he was hoping to achieve, he was told: YOU CAN’T! “You can’t go and live in New York”, “You can’t be a filmmaker, you won’t make it”. How can a school dropout become anyone important?!

It is a good think that Casey grew a thick skin and his stubbornness, or I should call them dreams, brought him to be a self-made man! He is today a millionaire, sought after by the biggest digital and non digital companies in the world.

You will be thinking “not another millionaire who splashes his lavish lifestyle on YouTube!”

Trust me, you are not in for disappointment. The guy seldom mentions money and most of the time it will be for charitable reasons; Casey is full of passion and love for his job and the one thing people love him for, or so I think, is that he is never done. His 3 millions YouTube subscribers, being invited at the Oscars, his tech company BEME are not a reason to stop. He has not achieved, he lives by his word: WORK HARDER!

You won’t find him on his sofa counting the money or splashing his money on supercars or buying expensive clothing. He may also be doing that in his private time, but what he is in front of the camera is CHANGE! He is constantly finding ways to improve himself, the digital platforms, the way people perceive them, he is involved in creating an active online community.

I am living example of his work: without him, I would have probably misunderstood the whole YouTube thing. You tube was initially made of prank and viral silly videos. Casey Neistat used it as a channel to empower people, to encourage people, to tell them that is ok to step out of your comfort zone and try and do what you can’t!

casey neistat's quote do what you can't

Image by TeePublic

No need to say that through his inspiring videos, I quickly got addicted to YouTube. However, there is always another side to the medal, and the more I was getting addicted to YouTube, the more I would fall into this sort of depression: I, too, wanted to live the dream-life all this vloggers seemed to suddenly find themselves in overnight. I got to the point where I hated you Tube and all the YouTubers with their perfect life (but not Casey).

The beauty of Casey Neistat: fame and money have not changed him one bit. He is the usual kick-ass guy, who no matter what, he will always tell you that you can do better. By him remaining who is was, a guy working his way harder, he shows you that success is the result of your efforts! He is there to teach you that no matter how good or bad your gear is, how many ideas or dreams you have, if you are rich or poor, success goes only as far as the hard work you put in it. And he believes that everyone can do it. The tools are there, it is up to us to make good use of them.


This is perhaps his best quote! How many times I have told myself “I cannot have a job”, “I can’t take part in a sport”, “I cannot approach that community”. “I am not good enough and I am not a professional in that field”

I have tried to start a blog at least 3 times. The fear of failing held me back, because I knew he would not be perfect.

If it wasn’t for the inspiration that Casey Neistat conveys through is work, perhaps I would have never written this article. My first blog article! I thought he deserves it! He is the one who made it possible. It is far from being a perfect article, the grammar, the structure, the long winding way I explain things. But I have written it and publish it and I hope you, the readers, will appreciate it for what it is: a bunch of words trying to praise a person I hold very dear. His work has inspired me so much and thanks to him, I have learnt to use the Internet to my benefit, looking for more communities who are able to inspire me to be a better version of myself.

Thank you Casey Neistat!

Casey Neistat

Image by Vogue

Watch his videos onĀ Casey’s You Tube channel

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